Digital Asset Technology is the Future.

Our Mission is to Make it Work



Decentralization & Digital Asset Technology create opportunities for all. 

Mothership removes roadblocks to sustainable adoption and operation of organizations utilizing blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in their businesses.

Mothership's Crew
Battle-tested fighter pilots bring your vision to life

Nina Kilbride

Experienced legaltech product designer and lawyer. Early adopter of legal applications of blockchain. Designer of Mothership and builder of space stations.

Jeremy Brown

Experienced in sales, legal services, crypto, and software development. Keeps the Mothership flying smoothly.

Avery Gunther

Digital Marketing specialist with legal services know-how

Steven Sandquist

Experienced executive, innovator, and disruptor. Seasoned navigator of the reinsurance, risk management, and entrepreneurial sectors of the galaxy.

Hamilton, Bermuda

Raleigh, North Carolina, USA